Improving our school garden with Helen

Every day a small group from each class goes out with Helen to the garden where we plant flowers and remove dead weeds. Sometimes we have to go to the shop across the street to get some plants and fertiliser. Gardening is very fun because it is a nice break from class and it helps the environment.

The boys in sixth class dig up the weeds and put them with the compost. They also pour compost on the flowers to make them healthy.


Future GAA all stars!

Recently four of our finest young GAA all stars got the privilege of going to play in Croke park! They went to Croke park with the parents to see the Dublin vs Galway football game on the 2nd February!

Jamie Murray (5th), Kailem Murphy (4th), Eoin Flores Leslie and Raul Smith (6th) got to play on the hallowed turf during the half time break. It was a sponsored match for give respect get respect. They had an amazing time